Game Drives

Game Drives in Uganda

Game drives are a fascinating activity that takes place in the national parks on the game tracks where you will enjoy views of birdlife, wildlife and the exciting landscapes including lakes, rivers amazing vegetation like never seen before.his activity involves the visitors to drive through the park while viewing animals. The Park has several spots of well-maintained game viewing tracks.
Uganda has various game reserves that many travelers come to the country to explore, the game reserves are dispersed in various regions of the country and harbor a lot of wildlife and birdlife.

On a game drive, the experience precedes you as to explore the wilderness as the parks have got over 200 km of well-maintained game tracks. The best time for game drives is in the morning hours where there are high chances of seeing elephants, buffaloes, lion and a variety of antelopes and other wildlife you can see safari in Uganda. Below are some of the national parks were to conduct game drives.

Game drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Game drive is the main activity in Queen Elizabeth National park, as it is known to have the highest concentration of wildlife, places like Kasenyi area of the park, North Kazinga plains offers one a chance to watch plenty of elephants, buffaloes, Uganda kobs, antelope species, the rare giant Hogs, leopards among other animal species, In the Ishasha sector south of the park, visitors can move through the woodland to look for tree-climbing lions hovering on the branches of very old fig trees.

Game drives in Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley National Park is one of the most remote and less visited parks in Uganda since it requires over 12 hours drive to get there. Every traveler that manages to make it to this park will certainly opt to conduct a game drive as the park is home to over 80 species of mammals include Burchell’s zebra only seen animal in here and in Lake Mburo National park, others include, buffaloes, elephants, leopard, lion. Rothschild giraffe.

Game drives in Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park is one of the most visited parks in Uganda, the park is mostly famous for its Murchison Falls from which the park derived its name. Game drives are arranged on different trails through the park and there is alot to view on your game drive including various bird species and wildlife. This park is home to over 70 mammal species such as Rothschild’s giraffe, Uganda kob, Cape buffalo, warthogs, waterbucks, elephants, hartebeest and large carnivores including lions, leopard and spotted hyenas.

Game drives in Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park is one of the smallest parks in Uganda and it is closet to Kampala city thus it is easy to access and is mostly used as a stopover to people travelling to the southwestern parks of Uganda.The park is a home to several species of animals and these can be well spotted out in the open grassland of the park including buffalos, zebras, leopard, Burchell’s zebra and eland alongside various species of antelopes that can  be viewed during the game drive with the help of the guides to assist you in spotting and giving relative information while on game drive.

Game drives in Semliki National Park

Semliki National Park is a less frequented park in Uganda as it is not known by many travelers though it has a lot to offer including chimpanzee viewing opportunities and game drives.

They are 3 tracks cross the savannah grassland of Toro Semliki Wildlife Reserve where you will enjoy views of smaller forest and larger savannah elephants, buffalo, waterbuck, crocodile, warthog and Uganda kob. With luck, you may even see pygmy hippopotami, leopards and elusive bushbabies.

In Uganda, game drives take place in the morning, afternoon and one can opt for the adventurous nocturnal game drive after dark, where visitors will view the night creatures such as the white-tailed mongoose. Game drives are one of the most done activity by travelers visiting the national parks in Uganda is a must do on your visit.

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