Boat Cruise in Uganda

Boat Cruise in Uganda is one of the most adventurous activity with various spectacular and beautiful lakes that can be explored by safari enthusiasts, even the big and small lakes will always offer a number of adventurous activities to top up the list of tourist activities that you will explore off the beaten tracks around such lakes the lakes. On your travel to Uganda, you will discover the adventure as you explore the lakes and rivers in Uganda.

Most of the lakes and rivers are surrounded by beautiful hills, vegetation, woodlands and grasslands that inhabit a variety of wildlife and birdlife whose views you will enjoy a cruise across the lakes that are covered by verdant vegetation comprised of forests, thickets and some local farming lands. Safaris in Uganda provides an extension for the client to beat their expectations and top the list after the famous endangered Mountain Gorilla Trekking that is the most sought out activity.

Most of the frequented parks in Uganda offer boat safaris that are exciting and exhilarating as the travelers enjoy a better view of wildlife, reptiles and birds which you may miss or not see quite clearly from land and you need to get onto the water to get a clear view. Standing by the lakes/rivers and you watch them magnificently flow is underrated compared to the experience of conducting a boat cruise with the waters up close. Below are some of the destinations where to enjoy the best boat safari or launch cruise experience in Uganda and they include;

Boat Cruise in Uganda on the Kazinga channel

Queen Elizabeth National Park is split into two by the Kazinga channel, the channel is a 40km natural channel that connects Lake George and Lake Edward. You can catch sight of various animals, birds and reptiles on a boat ride and on the shores of the channel. For many tourists, the kazinga channel launch cruise is the highlight of their safari as you can enjoy views of crocodiles, monitor lizards along the shores, and numerous hippos along the shores and in the water. This small channel of water has the highest population of hippos in Africa.

The launch cruise is a lot of fun and gives tourists the chance to take photographs of the scenery, the animals they sight, and of themselves in the middle of such beauty.

A keen bird watcher will enjoy a boat ride on kazinga Channel with many bird species like African skimmers, martial eagles, pelicans African spoonbills, papyrus gonolek, cormorants and shoebill stork offering a colorful array of birds.

Boat Cruise to the bottom of the falls- Murchison Falls National Park

The visit to Murchison Falls National is already exciting just by the fact that there are magnificent falls to see as the Nile River runs through Murchison fall climaxing into the show with the beautiful waterfalls. The park offers perhaps the best boat rides in all of Uganda’s game parks that are exhilarating for anyone who is adventurous enough to dare.
They are a variety of wildlife to view while on the cruise including elephants, buffaloes antelopes and a variety of birds as you move from the Paraa area of the park to the bottom of the falls.

Hippos resting in the water and along the shores of the river the crocodiles the crocodiles whose sight is both scary and interesting as they busk under the sun. The scenery along the boat ride makes the wildlife experience even better including the forest, cliffs and to top it the waterfall.
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At bottom of the falls, you can choose to disembark off the boat and walk up the trail that is rich with history, and very scenic, the views from a boat on the Nile River are simply magnificent.

Boat Cruise to the Nile Delta- Murchison Falls National Park

River Nile bisects the Murchison Falls National Park while making its way from Lake Victoria to the Mediterranean Sea in the far north, a journey that makes it the longest river in the whole world. The Nile stretch in the park presents an impressive opportunity for a recreational cruise. This peaceful 40 km stretch of river provides the park’s prime wildlife spectacle that you will have a close view of the Nile delta.

A boat cruise to the Nile Delta as you float downstream with the flow of the Nile towards Lake Albert travelers enjoy an opportunity to view a huge number of Hippos and Nile crocodiles plus water birds like the Shoebill stork, saddle, goliath heron, African jacana, pied and malachite kingfishers, African skimmer and the papyrus endemic species.  There are spectacular views of canoes of fishermen catching tilapia on and the local people drawing water from the Nile.

Boat Cruise in Uganda on Lake Mburo

A Boat safari on Lake Mburo is a rewarding experience on this very beautiful peaceful lake as you unwind from the day’s full of safari activity. The boat rides here to take you along the shores of Lake Mburo. You can catch sight of wildlife such as zebras, antelope, and buffalo as they come to the water. Lake Mburo is also home to the large eland antelopes which you just might get to see while on a boat ride. There are also 3 different species of otters in Lake Mburo, which you might be able to see if you take a boat ride on the lake. Hippos and crocodile are also a common sight. Alongside a variety of bird life to be seen such as Pelicans, Black crake, African Finfoot, Heron, Cormorant, Fish Eagle, and the elusive Shoebill Stork.

Sunset Cruise on Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is the biggest freshwater body in Africa alongside the source of the Nile which is the longest river in the world. The Lake Victoria sunset cruise in Entebbe offers late afternoon cruises by boat out towards the equator line or local islands to view the sun over the horizon. Watch the fishermen cast their nets and enjoy the snacks and drinks provided on board.

Canoe Excursion on Lake Mutanda

The scenic Lake Mutanda sits in the shadows of a string of misty volcanoes and is a popular base camp for gorilla trackers, bird watchers and volcano trekkers taking excursions into Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Mgahinga National Park. Lake Mutanda remains pristine and tranquil with the freshwater lake attracting a wide variety of birds to its shores, including Uganda’s national bird, the grey-crowned crane, pelicans, Hadada ibis, African spoonbill, sacred ibis, kites, hawks, buzzards, the unique African clawless otter also calls the lake home.

Canoe Excursion on Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi lake derives its name from “Small Birds” that inhabit this place and is the deepest lake in Uganda. Lake Bunyonyi is one lake where you can ride a canoe to visit the twenty-nine (29) island in this lake including floating islands and the punishment island where young girls who would get pregnant before marriage would be dumped and left to die. There so many activities around Lake Bunyonyi which include birding trips, hiking hills, nature walks and homestay where you get the true/authentic cultural experience of a true Bakiga home.

Uganda has a lot to offer to those looking to experience the African wilderness while on safaris include a boat ride on to your safari and enjoy a closer view for an amazing experience.

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